Camphor Laurel wood

About Camphor Laurel
(Cinnamomum Camphora)
Camphor Laurel is a large evergreen tree that was introduced to Australia from South East Asia, in the early 1800’s.
Camphor is considered a weed in many parts of NSW and Queensland. These areas encourage eradication programs where the Camphor Laurels are removed to make way for native regeneration. Therefore, salvaging of the Camphor Laurel provides a good source of ethically acceptable timber.
Camphor laurel is a classified hardwood (however it is of medium density within that category).
Camphor has natural antibacterial properties which make it a great choice for use in food preparation boards.
Will the board crack or warp over time?
All of our Boards are made of seasoned kiln dried timber. This means the timber is very stable and shouldn’t suffer from any warping. Our boards are also made from one piece of timber, not joined pieces which should also prolong the life of the board.
Will a knife mark the board?
The boards are wooden so knife scratches will happen…but the Camphor is a medium density wood so knife marks will blend in over time, rather than big chunks like the cheap, bamboo boards or bits of plastic from plastic boards.
What material is used to fill imperfections in the timber?
If a board has any naturally occurring holes or cracks in the wood (not every board has this), then we fill these with a clear resin which creates a smooth flat surface for your food prep.
Why use Grapeseed oil?
Grapeseed oil doesn’t oxidize as quickly as other vegetable oils and therefore doesn’t go rancid after a period of time. Grapeseed is also neutral in flavor. It is available worldwide in most supermarkets.
Caring for your board
Hand Wash Only (NO Dishwasher)
Rinse only with warm water and mild soap
Dry Immediately
Never soak in water or allow to sit in standing water, as this can cause the board to warp and/or crack
To keep your board beautiful, every month or so, oil your board with any light based food oil
(we use grapeseed oil)
Leave overnight and then wipe excess oil away with a clean, lint free cloth